A holistic Approach of person-centred planning for people with Autism

AUTISM PCP‘ is an innovative cross-sectoral partnership project with strong European added value; as such, ‘AUTISM PCP’ addresses important horizontal as well as sectoral priorities for the European Union, such as ‘social inclusion, adult learning policies and Early School Leaving (ESL). The main objectives of ‘AUTISM_PCP’ are:

Empowerment of individuals at risk of social exclusion and more specifically empowerment of ASC individuals,

Strengthening of the overall effort for social inclusion and integration of ASC individuals at mainstream


‘AUTISM PCP‘ project will produce 3 intellectual outputs around person-centered planning


In 2021, 2 big conferences took place, where all project results were presented


From May 2021 until August 2021, the partners of the project implemented 6 free online trainings (and 1 face-to-face) for the public

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