Project Partners

The project partnership consists of 7 organisations from 6 South-Eastern European countries: Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Italy, North Macedonia and Romania 


CYCLISIS - Coordinator

CYCLISIS is an independent non profit organisaiton which activates in the suburbs of Patras.

Our main goal is to facilitate the lifelong learning strategies of the people who have limited access to educational opportunities, named women with low educational profile, dropouts and/or people with disabilities (physical or mental).

This goal is getting real through peer educational paths and projects that work in favour of social inclusion and empowerment. Common strategies that CYCLISIS employs in order to reach the above goal, is Film Education and World cafe methodology. Through these educational tools, our aim becomes more strategic in terms of active involvement, citizenship awareness, empathy and integration.

Acceptance and Love. Autism tests our reserves in providing emotional time for the others. Let us use it to reflect on ourselves. (words of a mother of an autistic child – source)




Scoala Gimnaziala Smaranda Gheorghiu

The ‘Smaranda Gheorghiu School‘ is situated in a peripheral area of Târgoviște. The school was founded in 1890, when following the local authorities insistence, the Number 3 School, a rural mixed school for the 1 st and the 2 nd grades was set up. In 1916 Samuel Iosif, a wealthy Jewish manufacturer, donated a ground which was to be used for the enlargement of the school.

The school has a multi-ethnical population: Romanian, Romani and Bulgarian students. Our students belong to vulnerable groups: we have 21% of students whose parents are working abroad and 13,9% of students with special educational needs. Half of our special needs students are diagnosed with medium and severe disorders such as dyslexia, autism and ADHD.

A great emplasis is placed on the quality of the educational services. There is a school board which takes care of the improvement and assurance of quality.


Maendeleo for Children APS

MFC – Maendeleo for Children is a NPO – Association of Social Promotion (ASP) constituted on February 18, 2014, and registered since October 14, 2014 in the regional register of ASPs of the Lazio Region. Thanks to its expertise, MFC carries out socially useful activities for children and young people with particular attention to those in situations of socio-economic and health hardship, promoting social inclusion, protection and a full realization for children and youth in schools, and through formal and non-formal education.

Thanks to the “Project NDSAN – NewDSANetwork” , co-financed in 2014 by the Lazio Region Department of Education, Training and Work ( as lead partner: the I.C. Pestalozzi of Torvaianica – IT), MFC has created the pilot network NDSAN (NewDSANetwork), open to public and private entities working in the fields of neuropsychiatry and Social Health. NDSAN is based on a new form of network design and experimental platform that provides a precious tool for information exchange between teachers, parents, and local health authorities, facilitating cooperation in a remote mode. This platform is currently in start-up phase, and will be fully operational for the following school years, ensuring children and their families, a clear learning path and the improvement of the quality of teaching, education and healthcare support.


Parvi Nationalen Centar Po Dyslexia

The First National Dyslexia Center is a Bulgarian NGO, carrying out its activities in the towns of Ruse and Varna. Its main scope of activities focuses on special pedagogy, and, in particular, specific learning difficulties. In this context, various events and participation in international forums and projects take place.

Stress and anxiety increasingly accompany us in the hectic everyday life. People diagnosed with autistic spectrum disorder experience those even stronger because they need additional knowledge and tools to plan their lives. In the AUTISM_PCP project we will do our best to help this group of people in organizing their daily lives, so they could achieve their personal goals and gain their independence back.




Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism

Macedonian Scientific Society for Autism is an organization that provides resources for helping people with Autism spectrum disorder and their families, institutions and NGOs that work in this area, provides scientific research, educational and professional support in the inclusive society in which people with Autism spectrum disorder and their families have a quality life. MSSA is an organization that conducts  scientific research activities, activities for raising public awareness for people with Autism spectrum disorder, improvements of the treatment and quality of life of these persons and their families through organizing educational events  and debates within the Republic of Macedonia.

MSSA is established to accomplish and coordinate their interests and to perform activities and actions aimed at improving investigation and treatment of those with autism in Macedonia.

MSSA will provide resources for helping people with autism spectrum disorder and their families, institutions and NGOs that work in this area.

logo dadaa

D.A.D.A.A –Association of People with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Autism and Asperger

D.A.D.A.A was founded in 2015 in Komotini-Greece. It has about 90 members. Main purposes of the organisation is the participation of Autistic individuals in the social life of our Municipality and the improvement of their quality of life, to protect their rights by providing useful information about the legislation and to raise public awareness in order to eliminate the “stigma” that exists in small societies.Another aspect is to provide counselling and psychological support.

This year we organise three classes, one of creative leisure time in cooperation with NIARCHOS Foundation, another for the use of gaming in order to improve the kinetic skills of autistic individuals in cooperation with Democritus University of Thrace and psychokinetic and sports groups. Future endeavours include the creation of study units, IT Laboratories and a daycare center for autistic individuals.

Person centred approach is target oriented & the tool to improve our autistic children life because it makes us effective. “Effectiveness is the key”.


DADAA Facebook page



Shipcon Limassol Ltd

ShipCon Limassol Ltd. (PIC number: 986558774) is a dynamic and fast growing company with emphasis on EU research funded projects and vocational and education training (VET).

ShipCon strength lies on the expertise of its core team and the partnership with multi-national associates from all over Europe and beyond. With its Main Headquarters in Cyprus, ShipCon is strategically located in the crossroads of three continents, where specific economy sectors and activities have their own dynamic prospects for development, such as energy, environment and transport services. It is important to mention that ShipCon has been selected for inclusion in the 2015-16 European Business Awards sponsored by RSM. Part of our success is due to the large network of quality & trusted partners, both in industry as well as in academia that ShipCon maintains at regional and International level. Since 2008, ShipCon has participated in the development and implementation of LIFE+, H2020, MED, Erasmus, FP7, ENPI MED, Erasmus+ & LLP projects. Moreover, ShipCon has successfully organised Grundtvig IST seminars for adult educators as well as other type of projects, such as Grundtvig Learning partnerships and Multi-lateral (ML) projects.

The company has organised more than 30 international seminars in the last six (6) years in the area of entrepreneurship, innovation, emotional intelligence, project management, among others. ShipCon’s unparalleled experience & expertise in securing EU funding from various EU programmes, such as H2020 (ex-FP7), Life+, MED, INTERREG, ENPI MED, Erasmus+, renders ShipCon as one of the best research & consulting companies in the South East Mediterranean.


Accredited VET centre by Human Resources Development Authority (HRDA) Cyprus (2015) · NEBOSH approved centre for NEBOSH IOG (2015) · OPITO (IMIST) invigilation centre (2014) · 20+ courses in the area of HSE (2013 – ) · 50+ soft skills courses (2008 – ) · Included in selection for European Business Awards sponsored by RSM (2015 – 2016)