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Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project
"Some people with autism have trouble coordinating their movements. Some experience sensory disturbances, such that everyday sounds seem unbearably loud. And some have an atypical heart rate or disturbed sleep cycles. These seemingly disparate features are all tied to a tiny region called the brainstem."
Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project
Great to see services developing and making a difference.
Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project
autistic bullets by KAISA VASILIKI Mother of an ASD child.

I dream of a land,

A peaceful land

Where every single asshole can carry a gun.

I dream of a land

Shooting children at school or in crisis

Where people get paid

To kill parents in bed.

Imagine a land that emphasizes

How the life of a Newton must be stolen

Before any apple had fallen.

How Coltrane’s breath should cease

Before he meets trumpets or touches the keys

I dream of this land

When weary of peace

Of long-lasting bliss

Waged far wars for few dollars apiece

Until a bird sang otherwise

And they sent cats after it:

A cage has its prize.

I dream of a land so fair and so old

Its people were killed before it was born.

In fact I don’t dream but of sand man of old

As my son wishes one day to go

And meet clever people in this place of gold.

Your dreams are my nightmares

But however they go

Follow your stories child

For someday they may be told.
Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project
"The measures introduced amid the COVID-19 spread have had a major impact on the schooling options for autistic pupils across Europe. Autistic learners and their families often need individualised planning and support taking into account their context as well as developmental and academic levels."

Read more in the article below!
Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project
Research demonstrates the effectiveness of Family-Centered Transition Planning in increasing student and parent expectations for adult life, student career decision-making, and student participation in employment and post-secondary education. Learn the latest sustainable processes for implementing a...

Scientific publications

Thanks to our partners from North Macedonia, our project research findings have also been analysed and used for the publication of 2 scientific articles (up to April 2020) which are easily accessible to anyone interested, through the links below. Check them out! 

Environmental Barriers and Facilitators to Participation of People with Autism Spectrum Disorders: stakeholders’ perspective
Published September 8th, 2019
Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities

Parental Perspectives on Support Needs and Availability of Autism Services in South and South-Eastern Europe

Awaiting approval


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