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Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project
Paint created by the pupil Cotârlea Alexia Nicoleta, II degree, Romania, for the International Day of Autism
Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project
The paint created by the pupil Anca Iosif, VI degree, coordonated by the teacher Popescu Lucica, from Romania ,,The International Day of Autism””
Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project
Today is the last day of March 2020. This month , this year shall be engraved in our memory's for many reasons but mainly how Coronavirus caused such a change in all our lives. Whatever your profession, whatever your religion or social position it has effected absolutely everyone all over the 4 corners of the world. This is a sad time for all the loss of lives, the uncertainty , the insecurity for all our tomorrows and we all hope and pray that this all will pass and we can all get back to our normality and routine .
I want to focus for a few seconds to how I see my " hope" and what I pray will continue in the near future because it puts a warmth in my soul and a Smile on my face looking at the happiness on our Autistic Young adults and experiencing every small step forward and achievement that they make. Smile Project has been the tool to support their progression to the best of their ability. We shall all follow their progress and open the pathway for our Autistic Community for the whole Famagusta Area to the best of our ability. Team work gets results. The video is a very small taste.
Autism PCP Project
Autism PCP Project

Good to speak with everybody this week - here is one of the social stories relating to Coronovirus I mentioned - usefully, in different languages also.

Scientific publications

Thanks to our partners from North Macedonia, our project research findings have also been analysed and used for the publication of 2 scientific articles (up to April 2020) which are easily accessible to anyone interested, through the links below. Check them out! 

Environmental Barriers and Facilitators to Participation of People with Autism Spectrum Disorders: stakeholders’ perspective
Published September 8th, 2019
Journal for ReAttach Therapy and Developmental Diversities

Parental Perspectives on Support Needs and Availability of Autism Services in South and South-Eastern Europe

Awaiting approval


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