Person-Centered Planning (PCP) tools for facilitators of people with Autism - Description

General Description

The innovative element of this publication rests on the fact that it targets all these people who are in direct or indirect support of persons with autism and therefore it offers a holistic approach in the overall aim of having independent/autonomous autistic persons.
Another important innovation element of this intellectual output is the fact that the practical/hands on experience and accumulated knowledge of all type of facilitators will be taken into consideration during the development of the guideline.
Equally important the transferability potential of this output is expected to be significant since it targets a significant number of people, such as:

  • Educators in Special Education
  • Trainers in SEN & Autism
  • Coaches/mentors in Autism
  • Guardians, Carers, Support circle and/or staff /personnel
  • Relatives, immediate family and friends

This publication is comprised of methodologies and guidelines based on the type of relation and communication each type of role has with the person with autism.

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